Leather Hides

Reminder: no living animals should be bred and/or killed for their skin!

Universal Declaration of Animal Rights

Leathers high-end retained:


    Camel Hide

    Leather rare, unique and exclusive, it presents an original and authentic grain. The camel has a skin that enables it to withstand extreme temperatures (-50°C to 50°C), this results in a very soft leather that offers exceptional strength. Chedovre offers this material with a high quality unique: full-grain aniline with bio tanning process.


    Cow Hide

    Due to local consumption habits, Chedovre acquires cattle hides at the optimal age. The skin is thinner and has a structure and a higher proportion of collagen. We offer a full grain aniline leather that is very resistant to weathering, sunlight and great softness.


    Goat and Sheep skin

    The goat skin is thin and rich in elastic fibers. This gives two major qualities to leathers for luxury: sturdy and flexible. Chedovre uses the most demanded goatskin worldwide.

Leather is a natural and noble product. We believe that the final quality is directly related to the quality of the raw material used.

To some, leather is not optional. This is a "must have" associated with the image of excellence and to the world of luxury.

Exclusive camel leather